STUDENTS - Frustrated with your online course?

Frustrated Student

Younger students may be fearful of the competitive environment in higher education. Older students may be attending school through corporate programs that reimburse full tuition, but only if the student receives an "A."

Fear no more. How to Ace Your Online Course has all the strategies you need to maximize your grades. Written by instructors for students, it includes vital information about online education: how it really works, how instructors grade, and what the best students do. It is perfect for students of all ages taking any type of online course, including those enrolled in high school, or college degree programs.


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Included in the book:

  • How to use higher education's "customer service" model to your advantage
  • How to adapt to peer-to-peer learning models
  • Proven methods for enhancing reading, writing, and quiz-taking skills
  • The six study skills common to students with "A" averages
  • How to think like an instructional designer in order to get the greatest benefits from your courses
  • A student success list: The Top Ten Do's and Don'ts for Online Education
  • A model paper for formatting academic work, including citations
  • How to use grading rubrics to add points to all your submissions
  • How to create research-based initial answer posts that ensure better grades
  • Secrets of success in group projects
  • How to write "perfect" reply posts in online discussions
  • The best ways to communicate with your instructor
  • Techniques that will boost your career and continuing education after graduation

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EDUCATORS - Worried about your students?

How to Ace Your Online Course is much more than a study guide. First, we take readers behind the scenes in online education. This benefits not only students but administrators and instructors because we describe how students need to adjust psychologically to the general theory of education operative in the online world. Without this crucial psychological adjustment students will not succeed and will not finish college. Second, we provide detailed strategies and instructions for students, based on our many years of experience teaching at for-profit, public, and private colleges and universities.

Communication and Graduation

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CORPORATIONS - Concerned about workforce training?

The total number of post-secondary students enrolled in at least one online course has continued to increase and is expected (according to our estimation) to exceed 12 million, or approximately 50% of the entire post-secondary student population, by 2020. At the same time, corporations are investing heavily in workforce retraining, especially through supporting graduate degrees, many of which are earned online by employees getting tax-free support.

The graph below shows there were approximately four million online students in 2007. This number has already doubled and is expected to triple by 2020.

In 1996, approximately 12% of graduate students in the U.S. received financial support from their employers. By 2008, over 20% were receiving support. The amount of support has also increased rapidly over the same time frame. Under U.S. tax law, employers are allowed to give up to $5,500 each year in TAX FREE INCOME to employees enrolled in graduate degree programs. Since 1996 the average employer contribution has increased from just over $3000 to over $4500 in 2008 -- a 50% increase.

Help your employees get the most out of the education you are paying for! Order copies of How to Ace Your Online Course for your workforce today!

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